Hello, Welcome & forgive my nerves

Good Afternoon readers … It’s only taken me an hour to set up this page and a very well worth hour it has been.  Yes, new to WordPress but not to writing to say the least, writing has become my daily exercise, at least as far as connecting pen to Journal goes – and of course tuning in descriptive illustrations of my feelings, thoughts and  often comparing my current life to the one I used to live.

I used the Tumblr platform a year ago or so in the hope I would raise huge amounts of awareness around the debilitating illness Depression.  However, my minimal lack of blog knowledge didn’t appear too fruitful but I tried, it was a start and everything begins with a start …

What I’d like to do now is attach my Tumblr blog and continue entertaining you with my daily Journal entries but please don’t hold it against me if I miss a day or two. Depression sometimes greets me with it’s presents at the most obscure times, purely uninvited, not welcomed and a friggin’ thorn in my side – a haunting companion I’d rather do without.

You are welcome to tune in whenever you have a little free time, until then have a great day and be grateful for all you have – happy blessings. x




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